The energetic rise of our planet in this third millennium saw the birth of new angels, resembling cherubs, very close to humans at the energy level and which are often idle. Their greatest pleasure is to lear how to help the world   “material”   or visible.
I can find for you an available cherub to help you immediately with his Angel name you can summon for all little worries of everyday life, when you may feel embarrassed to ask the help of the Archangels or the universe.


Example :
      – To help you find your business
      – To help you find a parking spot
      – Help get you home more quickly in security


Path to follow :

Send an email with your order number, your name and date of birth, I would find the angel who suits you best and you would transmit his name, a short prayer invocation as well as candles or presents that he prefers thanking him for his help. The latter will remain at your side until askyou him for help and strengthen it by your donations (candles, incense, prayers).


Price : 50.-




To come up:


Ritual of angelic purification
News from Ancient Greece
Natural invocation prayers