It is a communication with the Angel of your choice, or you can ask the questions of your choice. They are always happy to answer and help people to progress in their way of life.


Price 30.-


You can also combine the communication a carefully directed by the Angel and myself in order to improve a specific area of your life. Care to hard distance between 20 minutes and several hours depending on the work to be done.


Possible field :


– Help with sleeping
– Help in the management of stress
– Help at plane
– Help to complete his love life
– Help to reduce the pain and problems of health
– Help to treat an animal


Other possible assistance, each time, I ask which angel is the most effective to solve your problem.

Price : 40.-


Proceedings of the session



In both cases, I need your name, full date of birth, the Angel you wont to contact or the field that he should act and the list of questions that you would like to submit. Send me an email with your order number, the information requested and I will answer you as soon as possible. If you ask a care, give me also a time slot in which you can be relaxed in order to let the angel work.


Energy session remote


On photo, with your name, I can do an energy session remotely. Different people can provide relaxation, relieve pain, accelerate falling asleep, help in difficult times, recharge the batteries during fatigue.